Komen 2010 Donation to Planned Parenthood Hits $569,000

The Susan G. Komen Foundation, dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer, is everywhere raising millions of dollars worldwide for its cause. Komen has gotten a black eye in recent years when it became public that Komen gives some of its funds to Planned Parenthood. In 2010 gifts to PP totaled $569,000, down from the $731,000 donated in 2009.

When asked, Komen states that gifts to Planned Parenthood are justified because PP does mammograms. The black eye got even darker when it was revealed that PP actually does not do mammograms, but routine breast exams that a woman can do on herself.

The biggest problem with the PP donation is that a legitimate abortion-breast cancer link has been documented in studies. So, Komen gives funds raised to cure breast cancer to an organization that is increasing breast cancer risk as the nation’s largest abortion provider.

This fall, Komen will have a “Race for the Cure” in Milwaukee. Every year, I am asked by friends to be on a team. Every year, I decline. There are better ways to fight breast cancer than to feed the abortion trough that is Planned Parenthood.

Barbara Lyons

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