Want Payment for Cancer Treatment in Oregon? Nah, Says the State, But We’ll Pay for Your Assisted Suicide Drugs

The State of Oregon has done it again. Turned down payment for Randy Stroup’s chemotherapy for prostate cancer because it’s too expensive. But, not to worry, because Oregon will gladly pay for the lethal assisted suicide drugs that Stroup never requested.

Crass, you say? Not to the bureaucrats in Oregon. They have to watch out for the bottom line after all. The same thing happened to patient Barbara Wagner just a few months ago. Think of the bucks Oregon can save if Stroup and Wagner would just kindly take their lethal drugs like good little patients and go away.

Columnist Cal Thomas penned a thoughtful yet chilling piece on the plight of Stroup. “According to the Washington Post,” Thomas writes, “several federal agencies have come up with figures for the dollar value of a human life to analyze the costs and benefits of new programs they believe will save lives. Saving lives is the announced intention, but if government gains the power to determine when a life is no longer ‘worth’ saving and orders the plug to be pulled or the death pill to be administered, then what? This is the future of the socialized medicine that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party wish to impose on us.”

As Thomas so aptly points out, right-to-lifers have been saying for decades that death by abortion to solve social problems will lead to deadly solutions for other members of the human family. Unfortunately, our predictions are coming true.

Barbara Lyons

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