• Legislation

      Wisconsin Right to Life has spearheaded the passage of 31 (and counting!) pro-life laws and has defeated countless anti-life measures. Our success relies on the strength of our grassroots network that we always seek to expand, educate, and empower.
      $3,500.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal
    • Emergency Grants

      Each year, the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund provides dozens of Emergency Grants to at-risk pregnant women. These grants help women who are faced with an immediate financial crisis that jeopardizes their ability to care for their unborn children. Women request help through local pregnancy resource centers who, in turn, contact Wisconsin Right to Life. Based on the woman's need, we provide payment directly to landlords, utility companies, or other legitimate entities requiring payment.
      $12,001.00 donated of $24,000.00 goal
    • Increase Veritas Exposure

      The Wisconsin Right to Life Veritas Society is behind the most successful state pro-life advertising campaign in the country. Through television and online advertising, we are reaching thousands of abortion-vulnerable young people, aged 18-25, every year across Wisconsin with messages of life and hope. We reach young people, where they are on the internet and television, to teach them the truth about life and provide concrete resources to help them choose life.
      $42,764.00 donated of $75,000.00 goal
    • Resources for Women

      The Veritas Society not only shares the truth about life to abortion-vulnerable youth, it provides concrete resources to help women choose life. How? Through our 123GiveLife.com website, Google AdWords, and TeenBreaks.com.
      $12,500.00 donated of $30,000.00 goal
    • Life on Campus – College Outreach

      Through Life on Campus, Wisconsin Right to Life is providing pro-life college students in Wisconsin the tools they need to be the voice for life in a culture of death. Life on Campus is building a culture of life on Wisconsin campuses in numerous ways. In recent years their pro-life activities included: · Providing information on abortion alternatives; assisting local pregnancy resource centers; offering babysitting services; hosting speeches and debates, plus much more!
      $8,000.00 donated of $25,000.00 goal
    • Friends for Life Membership

      Friends for Life is people, just like you, who are committed to protecting the most basic human right: life. Joining Friends for Life is the most effective thing YOU can do to save lives right now. It is the best way you can partner with Wisconsin Right to Life in our tremendously effective, lifesaving work.
      $17,500.00 donated of $20,500.00 goal