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There are women like Cassie*, whose parents kicked her out of their home.

There are women like Melanie, whose physician told her she had to quit working or risk losing her unborn baby. Without a job, Melanie* would lose her home.

There are women like Zoe*, who was living out of her car in the middle of winter because she hadn’t earned enough from her new job to pay for a security deposit. She feared that she, and her unborn child, would freeze to death.

These women’s problems were different, but they all had one thing in common: they were pregnant and, because of financial uncertainty, thought abortion might be their only answer. Because of Wisconsin Right to Life, these women were able to choose life.

Through our Emergency Grant program, WRTL has been able to give dozens of women like Cassie, Melanie, and Zoe the funds they needed to choose life.

When a woman visits a pregnancy resource center and is facing financial crisis, the resource center contacts our office and requests an Emergency Grant. Once the grant is approved, we work directly with creditors to help solve the crisis so women can choose life.

The Wisconsin Right to Life Emergency Grant program is saving lives!

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.