Heather Weininger

The Abortionist Shortage and a Call to Action

In case you haven’t heard the good news, Appleton’s Planned Parenthood clinic is stopping all of its abortions for the next six months!

Now, the sad news is that this is temporary. But this halt in the dismembering of the unborn reveals to us something important – there is a shortage of people who want to kill babies.

This is not the first time such a “problem” for the abortion industry has come up. Last year, the abortionist for Milwaukee’s largest abortion facility lamented that he couldn’t retire because there was no one to take his place after a career of performing between 85,000 to 95,000 abortions.

This whole situation is really quite telling: when the rubber meets the road, when it comes to the point when someone must truly act on their “pro-choice” views, very few can actually go through with the killing of an unborn child. This truly must be a challenge for the pro-abortion movement. Can they really act on their beliefs when the time for action comes?

In reaction to this, I’m issuing a challenge to us, the pro-lifers. Can we really act on our beliefs when the time for action comes?

While the other side is floundering, trying to scrape together more people to take away the lives of the unborn, can we step up in their wake? Can we help the women in our communities, especially in the Appleton community, to get the resources that they need so they can bravely choose life? Can we support the life-affirming pregnancy resource centers that help scared mothers during an unexpected pregnancy? Can we continue to spread our message of life, so that abortion becomes unthinkable?

I believe we have a special opportunity with these abortionist shortages. We can show Wisconsin that we don’t need abortion.

Here’s how: find your local life-affirming pregnancy resource center at 123GiveLife.com. Ask how you can help, whether it’s organizing a diaper drive, volunteering your time, or donating what you can, even if it’s just $5.

By helping these pregnancy centers, we have a real opportunity to show that we can do better than abortion. Will you take up the challenge?

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Kudos to Knights for Life!

Last night I was able to attend one of St. Norbert Knights for Life’s events as a part of a week of activities to promote a culture of life on campus. There are not enough congratulations I can give to Knights for Life for hosting such an incredible Pro-Life Week, and I am so happy I was able to enjoy just one part of it.

The speaker at last night’s event was Serrin Foster, Feminists for Life President, and a great counter for the pro-abortion activist Gloria Steinem who spoke on their campus last week. Foster emphasized that abortion hasn’t in any way helped women, but instead has only hurt them. If one wants real and true feminism, it should be based on the principles of non-violence, non-discrimination and justice for all – so that no woman will ever have to choose between her schooling and career, or her child. For, as Foster pointed out, abortion is a reflection that we have not adequately met the needs of women.

There was a packed room at St. Norbert College and I think that says a lot about the passion of that community for the right to life, and the outrage they feel at the mere fact that a Catholic college would invite a speaker who so flagrantly goes against the Church’s teachings on the right to life.

Personally, as a member of the Diocese of Green Bay, I was outraged when I learned of the decision to allow Steinem to speak at St. Norbert College.  Especially when I heard that that the Catholic college continued with the decision to let Steinem speak, after Bishop Ricken made clear his opposition, and petitions were circulated and signed by St. Norbert students, alumni and parents.

Kudos to the Knights for Life who put on a full week of pro-life events, despite St. Norbert’s unfortunate decision to invite a stalwart pro-abortion advocate to speak on campus. The students’ efforts, from a vigil, to other speaking events, and even pro-life chalking around campus, fully paid off in educating their peers and standing up against a culture which diminishes the rights of both women and their unborn children.

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Bringing Wisconsin to Life

The Anniversary of the Tragic Roe v. Wade Decision

Heather Weininger, Executive DirectorIt seems like such a simple concept that we should protect life, especially at its most vulnerable stages.  Yet, as we approach the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, I find myself thinking about my unborn child and all unborn children. While I am mere days away from delivering my third daughter, the life of my child legally could be placed in jeopardy up until her birth, if I didn’t know the truth about life.

The truth is at the moment of fertilization a new life is created, a life with unique DNA. This new life will grow, have a heartbeat, and feel pain all while still in the womb.

The truth is that a mother who decides to have an abortion can suffer a lifetime of consequences. She may be unable to bear children later in life because of the physical damage done to her body by the abortion, or she may have to face the emotional consequences of learning she took part in the death of her child.

I can feel the life inside me, I can feel my daughter’s every movement. I am amazed at how 57 million lives have been lost because the unborn baby was not considered a life.

My entire life I have lived in a country where Roe v. Wade’s dire consequences have impacted not only my generation, but generations to come. And, the ones who suffer the most are the lost generations of our sons and daughters who were never given the opportunity to live.

I anticipate learning what my daughter will look like, what direction her life will take her. What I anticipate and hope for as well is that in her lifetime, the decision of Roe v. Wade will be something she reads in a history book, and that she will see how so many fought to protect innocent life.

While the truth remains on our side, I continue to shed tears for all those who have been lost to abortion. We will continue to bring life to Wisconsin by working on passing legislation to protect the unborn, educate those who think there are no alternatives, help women who find themselves in an emergency situation, and love those who have gone through the pain of abortion.


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False Claims Continue about Sonya’s Law from Pro-Abortion Group Emily’s List

If you haven’t seen the new ad yet, I am certain you will.  Emily’s List and their front group Wisconsin Women Vote! think the only way they can win is by sharing false claims about what was or was not included in Sonya’s Law.

In the most recent ad from this group, they want the viewer to believe a woman will be mandated to receive a certain type of ultrasound.  In fact, they put a biased headline in their ad which no credible newspaper would ever use!

For anyone who has taken a moment to read the law they will see that a woman can decide on the type of ultrasound she wishes to have.  Those who opposed this legislation are now trying to take the conversation to the very place they tried taking it during the debate on passage of this bill.

Wisconsin ensured that the language included in the law would allow for the woman to make the final decision.  Here is the actual language form Sonya’s Law:

“…perform an obstetric ultrasound on the pregnant woman, using whichever transducer the woman chooses after the options have been explained to her.”

With the recent results from the Marquette Poll, perhaps these groups realize the gender gap advantage that once was theirs isn’t as big as they had hoped for.  Extreme pro-abortion groups that weren’t able to defeat Sonya’s Law at the time of its passage are now scared that more right-to-life laws will be passed in the near future.

We all need to do our part in ensuring people know the facts. Sonya’s Law is all about the health of both mothers and babies.

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