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Can’t Make it to the March for Life? Find a Local Pro-Life Event Near You!

If you can’t make it to the March for Life in Washington D.C., why not join a pro-life event in your area?

Below is a list of events near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade all around Wisconsin – find something near you and join pro-lifers in your area!

(P.S. Are we missing your local pro-life event? Email cduffy@wrtl.org)

January 20th – Kenosha County Annual Gathering at 10:30 am

January 21st – Door County Candlelight Vigil at 6:30 pm

January 21st – Shawano County Rally for Life at 1 pm – Contact Mike for more information

January 22nd – Marathon County Light the Night for the Unborn at 5:30 pm

January 22nd – Green Bay March for Life 6:30 pm – Contact Rose for more information

January 22nd – Madison March for Life at 12 pm

January 28th – Marathon County Life Chain at 11 am

January 28th – Portage County Walk for Life at 2 pm

January 28th – Eau Claire County Rally for Life at 2 pm

We will continue to update this list, so check often!

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Job Opening: Field Representative for WRTL

Wisconsin Right to Life is hiring.

Job Opening: Field Representative for Wisconsin Right to Life

The Field Representative is responsible for:

  • Managing and developing volunteer chapters
  • Giving practical and technical support to adult, teen, and college groups
  • Assisting in the planning of events throughout the state
  • Traveling to meet new and existing chapters within assigned region

Qualified applicants must be fully committed to Wisconsin Right to Life’s principles; have knowledge of Word, Excel, and general computer skills; have good organizational abilities; be self-motivated; and possess excellent phone communication skills. This is a full-time position.

Please send cover letter and resume to:

Wisconsin Right to Life

Attn: Doreen Shirek

542 Maple Drive

Mauston, WI  53948

Or email to dshirek@wrtl.org

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They Are Our Children

I cannot imagine what it must be like for any parent to hear that deadly word – futile – and have that mean to your medical provider and to the state that you are now powerless to fight for your child.

“Futile” has become a loaded word, no longer determining whether a treatment is useful, but rather if a person is worthy of treatment. The subjectivity and false finality of this word has resulted in the premature deaths of so many. Now, that word will lead to the death of baby Charlie Gard.

Today, Charlie Gard’s parents announced that they are ending their protracted legal fight for Charlie. Too much time has passed for him to have any chance of successful treatment. Here is their full statement.

This morning as I was driving from a meeting, I reflected on this tragic situation. For me, my family has been lucky – we have never had to fight for our kids’ basic right to live or receive treatment. Maybe we have disagreed with our pediatrician a couple of times over minor things such as whether or not to supplement our kids’ diet with formula or exclusively breastfeed. We knew our pediatrician had the best in mind, but if we as parents ever disagreed, all we ever had to say was no – and that was the end of it. Otherwise, we knew we could find another provider.

Because, at the end of the day, they are our children. We have a say.

However, in my work at Wisconsin Right to Life, I know of so many parents who fight so hard for their children with special needs to receive basic care. Their kids are much like Charlie, and are too often denied not only experimental treatment, but also basic food, water, and ordinary care. The right of these parents to transfer their children to a different provider is basic and essential, and very often a matter of life or death.

Charlie’s family is living through the unimaginable for any parent, whether our kids are medically fragile or comparatively healthy. When he was given the “futile” label, they could not transfer him to a different provider. Instead, they were forced to take their fight to the judicial system, wasting every crucial minute in court instead of working to get Charlie the care that he needed. Now, tragically, it is too late for him.

My heart utterly breaks for Charlie’s parents. A parent’s job is to protect their child. The UK’s court system, government, and health care system were all obstacles to Charlie’s parents’ ability to do their job, and now Charlie will lose his life because of it.

I applaud Charlie’s mom and dad for their fight. For Charlie’s sake, his family’s sake, and the sake of so many families like them, we need to share his story. The more we push back against the culture of death and expose it for what it is, the less likely it is that a family will ever have to suffer such a needless battle for their child. We can end the deadliness of the “futile” label, and ensure that every parent has the right to fight for their children.

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Learn More About Notorious Abortionist Gosnell at the NRL Convention This Summer in Milwaukee

Wisconsin Right to Life is thrilled to host the National Right to Life Convention this summer in Milwaukee!

This convention is filled with impactful information from a wide variety of pro-life speakers and experts that will sharpen your skills in the fight for life and invigorate your passion for the cause.

One of NRL Convention’s keynote speakers that I’m excited to tell you about is Ann McElhinney. She is an author, journalist, and film producer who wrote along with her husband the NYT Best Seller Gosnell – The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.

I have to admit, I had a hard time actually getting myself to read her book. Deep down, I knew I was not quite ready for the horrific truth it would tell – I’d probably never be ready. But I knew this book would share what has happened to real people, living human beings.

I returned from a mini-vacation with my husband and children to see that Gosnell had arrived in the mail. Even though I was hesitant to pick it up, I took a deep breath and dove into its pages. For the sake of Gosnell’s victims, I had to learn more.

Let me tell you, this book had me constantly wondering whether I was truly reading non-fiction, or fiction. I knew Kermit Gosnell was a notorious Philadelphia abortionist responsible for the deaths of thousands of unborn children. What I didn’t know was the extent of the atrocities he committed, completelyunobserved – or even blatantly ignored – by governmental bureaucratic agencies.

After reading the book in one sitting, I couldn’t shake the feeling of horror.

What shook me the most was the fact that Kermit Gosnell was not eventually arrested and convicted due to his gory abortion practice or barbaric medical conditions. It was because he was suspected on a drug charge.

Ultimately, justice prevailed and Kermit Gosnell is behind bars. But our work isn’t over until all of his victims are recognized – the vulnerable mothers subjected to the sickening conditions of his abortion facilities, and the unborn children who lost their precious lives at his hands.

If you have read Gosnell, want to learn more about him, or want to dive deeper into how we can prevent further atrocities like the ones he committed, join us in Milwaukee from June 29th – July 1st, 2017.  It’seasy to register today!

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Wisconsin Right to Life Mourns the Death of Norma McCorvey

Wisconsin Right to Life mourns the death of pro-life activist Norma McCorvey, known as “Jane Roe” in the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. McCorvey became an outspoken advocate for the right-to-life cause. McCorvey died at her assisted-living facility in Texas on Saturday, February 18th. She was 69.

“While pro-abortion advocates used Norma McCorvey to advance their efforts to legalize abortion in the early 1970s, she spent the last half of her life attempting to right the terrible wrong of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision,” stated Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “Norma became an outspoken advocate for protecting the lives of mothers and their unborn children, speaking at right-to-life events across the country. Norma McCorvey was a friend and valued ally in the fight for life, and she will be deeply missed.”

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President Trump Reinstates Lifesaving Mexico City Policy

President Trump Reinstates Lifesaving Mexico City Policy » Wisconsin Right to Life

“Wisconsin Right to Life is extremely happy to hear that today, President Donald Trump signed an order to reinstate the lifesaving Mexico City Policy, which prevents taxpayer funds from going to organizations that promote abortion overseas,” stated Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

“This order defunds Planned Parenthood and other groups’ international efforts to promote their radical abortion agenda. No taxpayer dollar should ever be used for abortion advocacy, ever,” continued Weininger.

“We thank President Trump for reinstating this lifesaving policy, and look forward to the day that he can sign legislation that will completely deny Planned Parenthood access to a single taxpayer dime.”

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Stunning Victories in Wisconsin Thanks to Pro-Life Grassroots

Wisconsin pro-lifers, you did it. Our stunning pro-life election night victories are thanks to your efforts to support right-to-life leaders and expose the extremism of the Democratic party and their candidates.

Donald J. Trump and Ron Johnson pulled the biggest surprises of the night, winning Wisconsin for the presidency and the U.S. Senate, respectively. They defied all expectations with their victories. Along with them, pro-life Mike Gallagher, Sean Duffy, Glenn Grothman, James Sensenbrenner, and Paul Ryan all won their congressional races, helping to maintain the national pro-life majority in Congress. On the state level, the State Senate and State Assembly not only kept their pro-life majorities, but strengthened them as well!

Nov. 8th’s victories were proof that Wisconsinites reject the abortion extremism of the Democratic party, and that the efforts of pro-lifers to educate voters make a difference.

Here is a quick preliminary summary of our right-to-life voter education efforts in 2016:

-500,000 voters contacted via email

-56,000 households contacted via pro-life mail pieces

-149,000 Wisconsinites reached through pro-life newspaper ads

-94,000 households reached through neighbor-to-neighbor distribution of pro-life voter education literature

-1,800,000 impressions on Wisconsin voters via paid and organic advertising on social media

These efforts total to 3,499,000 voter contacts and impressions made, thanks to the tireless efforts of Wisconsin Right to Life’s grassroots network.

Now with the right-to-life leaders we have, the pro-life movement in Wisconsin and nationally looks forward to achieving long sought-after goals – ending funding for abortion providers, protecting unborn babies from the pain of abortion, and bringing pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. The pro-life grassroots worked hard this election, and will work even harder until all of our right-to-life goals are achieved!

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So What’s Next?

There’s only one word for last night’s election results: stunning. From the top of the ticket to the bottom, we saw more victories than anyone ever expected for candidates who have pledged to stand up to the abortion industry. Donald Trump won the presidency. Ron Johnson won re-election and helped retain the pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate. Our pro-life majorities in the House of Representatives, State Senate, and State Assembly were all retained.

Pro-life friends, this is our moment to ensure that our efforts to protect the unborn continue forward at full steam. Our pro-life winners last night have pledged to end funding for Planned Parenthood, enact legislation to protect unborn babies from the pain of abortion, and bring pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. We must make sure that all of these promises are fulfilled, and we must continue our work to change hearts and minds to favor life so that ultimately, abortion is unthinkable.

We have seen a robust rejection of the Democratic party’s abortion extremism. Now, we have an incredible opportunity to protect the unborn more than we’ve ever seen since 1973.

Today is more than a day of celebration – it’s a day to roll up our sleeves and get ready to work. There are lives to save!

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43 Years and 58 Million Lives Later

Today marks 43 years since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision when abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy became the law of the land nationwide.
I was lucky; my mom chose life for me. But, as I look around and go about life, I always wonder who we are we missing in our society. Who is not with us, out of the 58 million whose lives had a different ending than mine; those who were dismembered in the womb, rather than given the gift of life?
As I reflect on where we are now as a nation and where we need to go as a nation, I know that life is the most basic of all human rights. A basic right that is easy to take for granted for those of us alive right now.
We are making progress in protecting the most vulnerable and being a voice for the voiceless, but our work will not be finished until every life is protected, from the moment of fertilization to natural death.
There are ways you can become involved in the pro-life movement. Join your local Right to Life Chapter, work to educate others on the value of life, volunteer some time at a pregnancy center where alternatives to abortion are available, and speak to our representatives who have the ability to make lifesaving laws.
Take a moment today to remember the 58 million lives that have been lost to abortion.  Whether you are marching in Washington, DC, participating in a local event, or simply taking a moment of silence, remember we have all been affected by the tragedy of abortion.
Until our most basic human right, the right to life, is fully respected in our society and fully protected under the law, we will not stop our efforts to educate Wisconsin about the reality of abortion, and to pass laws to protect unborn children.
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Sen. Erpenbach and Rep. Taylor Want to Walk Back Protections for Women and the Unborn

From the Wisconsin Right to Life News Release:

 “Sen. Erpenbach and Rep. Taylor are clearly dissatisfied with the incredible right-to-life legislative gains we have made to inform women about the reality of abortion, and to protect the unborn from painful late-term abortions,” stated Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “Their so-called ‘Patients Reproductive Health Act’ that they introduced today is nothing more than a distraction, as Wisconsin continues to save both mothers and their unborn children from the pain of abortion.”

Since 2011, Wisconsin Right to Life has been on the forefront of major right-to-life legislative victories. From the passage of Sonya’s Law, which gives mothers the opportunity to see their unborn children on an ultrasound before making a life-or-death abortion decision, to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which protects unborn babies 20 weeks post-fertilization and beyond from painful late-term abortions, major steps have been made to protect the right to life in Wisconsin. In 2014 alone, abortions have decreased by 10%, demonstrating how effective Wisconsin’s right-to-life legislation is in helping women and their unborn children.

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