Chelsea Shields Duffy

Becoming a Pro-Life Hero Only Takes a Text

Did you know you can help save lives with just a text?  Really, you can!

Step 1: Get out your phone.

Step 2: Text “defendlife” to 313131

Step 3: After you get your confirmation text, be ready to forward the total of 6 messages you will receive between now and the Nov. 4th election to your friends!

Our Text Message Initiative seeks to educate pro-lifers and voters across Wisconsin about the November 4th elections.  Together, we can educate and encourage people to vote pro-life!


Note: You will be sent no more than 6 text messages. Your phone information will remain private and will not be shared in any way.


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We Need Your Voice for the Voiceless Online!

There is no time more crucial for pro-lifers to get online and advocate for the unborn than right now.

Did you know 52% of Twitter users and 47% of Facebook users rely on these social media sites for their news? (Pew Research Center, 2013) Facebook and Twitter users are our friends, nieces, sisters, co-workers, even complete strangers. All need to know how important the right to life is!

What’s perhaps the best about social media is that YOU have a chance to break through the media bias and share with others the truth about abortion.

So if you aren’t on Facebook or Twitter, sign up for them today! Share content from Wisconsin Right to Life’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  And ask your friends if they are online as well!


Unborn children are silenced everyday from abortion. Will you be their voice?



If you have any questions about how you can get involved online, send an email to cshields@wrtl.org or call 414-778-5780 Ext: 200

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