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URGENT ACTION ALERT: Call your member of Congress to let them know abortion is NOT health care!

Tell Your Congressional Representative to Vote for H.R. 1628, the American Healthcare Act of 2017, with its Current Pro-Life Provisions

CD 1: Speaker Paul Ryan (202) 225-3031

CD 2: Rep. Mark Pocan (202) 225-2906

CD 3: Rep. Ron Kind (202) 225-5506

CD 4: Rep. Gwen Moore (202) 225-4572

CD 5: Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (202) 225-5101

CD 6: Rep. Glenn Grothman (202) 225-2476

CD 7: Rep. Sean Duffy (202) 225-3365

CD 8: Rep. Mike Gallagher (202) 225-5665

Don’t know your member of Congress? Find out here.

Let them know they should support H.R. 1628, the American Health Care Act of 2017, with its current pro-life provisions. Abortion is not healthcare!

This legislation is likely to come up for a vote TOMORROW, Thursday, March 23rd, and would eliminate multiple abortion-subsidizing and abortion-expanding provisions of Obamacare.

WRTL’s parent organization National Right to Life supports H.R. 1628 as it is written because it:

1.) prevents credits from being used for plans that pay for abortions

2.) eliminates about 85% of federal PP funding for the next year

3) preserves non-taxed employer provided health plans

4) postpones the “Cadillac tax” until 2026

National Right to Life’s position applies only to the current House language. If the bill is altered in any way adverse to pro-life interests, their position will be reevaluated. 

Please express this to your member of Congress.

Please immediately forward any feedback or responses you receive to Jennifer Popik – National Right to Life’s Federal Legislative Director – jpopik@nrlc.org – 202.378.8863

Have any questions? Email WRTL’s Legislative Director Chelsea Shields

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Congress Can Reverse the Damage of Obama’s 11th Hour Executive Order On Planned Parenthood Funding

Please contact your Congressional Representative to support H.J. Res 43, which would reverse Obama’s executive order designed to prevent states from redirecting Title X taxpayer dollars away from Planned Parenthood.

Obama’s 11th hour executive order jeopardized a WI law passed in 2016 that redirected federal funds away from Planned Parenthood. But now, Congress can reverse Obama’s damage!

Your Congressional Representative will be voting on  H.J. Res 43 on Thursday, Feb. 16th, so be sure to contact him or her ASAP!

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Roe v. Wade Anniversary – Local Pro-Life Events

If you can’t make it to the March for Life, why not join a pro-life event in your area?

Below is a list of events near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade all around Wisconsin – find something near you and join pro-lifers in your area!

Jan. 21 – Jackson County – Life in Action Event

Jan. 21 – Kenosha County – Annual Gathering

Jan. 22 – Marathon County – Light the Night for the Unborn

Jan. 22 – Manitowoc County – Roe v. Wade Remembrance Service

Jan. 22 – Fond du Lac County – A Message of Hope Service

Jan. 22 – Columbia County – Stand Up for Life Event

Jan. 22 – Brown County – Remembrance Event

Jan. 23 – Dodge County – March for Life in Madison

Jan. 29 – Portage County – Annual Walk for Life

Jan. 29 – Eau Claire County – Rally for Life

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10 Pro-Life Things You Can Do While You’re Snowed In

Nothing is more “Wisconsin” than a snowstorm! While you’re stuck inside, whip up some cocoa, grab some cookies, and check out the pro-life things we recommend you do while we are all snowed in!

1.) Give your mom a call today. (Trust us, it’s always been too long since your last call.) Thank her for choosing life for you!

2.) Check in on any elderly neighbors. Too often those in frail conditions are forgotten or ignored, and your visit can save a life in this cold weather – or perhaps just give some well-appreciated company!

3.) Are you still looking for a last-minute Christmas gift? Give a gift to WRTL in a friend or family member’s name: http://wrtl.org/contribute/. Let them know that this is a gift of LIFE!

4.) Write a letter or an email to your legislator (find yours here). If they are pro-life, thank them for standing for life, and encourage your legislator to help end dismemberment abortion.

5.) Want to go to the March for Life? Take this time to register for our trip!

6.) See if a mom near you needs help with snow removal. Choosing life is awesome, but sometimes it means you don’t have the time or resources to shovel or find a snow blower because you are taking care of your little human. Be a blessing to her and her child, and give a mom a hand!

7.) Read up on the latest pro-life news – you never know when a pro-life fact might come in handy! WRTL’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are full of curated pro-life news that keep you informed!

8.) Bake some cookies for the employees and volunteers at your local pregnancy resource center to deliver later this week. Let them know their work to help support babies, mothers, and their families is truly appreciated!

9.) Start planning your trip to WRTL’s Biannual Legislative Conference. Many special guests have been invited (Like Gov. Scott Walker and AG Brad Schimel) and the Legislative Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn how to engage your leaders for the right-to-life cause.

10.) Spend the day thinking of some pro-life goals for next year. Do you want to volunteer more with your local right-to-life chapter? Do you want to commit to contacting your legislators more regularly? Do you want to learn more about a particular pro-life topic? Write your goals down, make a game plan, and remember that every effort you make truly makes a difference for life!

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Saddest. Birthday. Ever.

Oct. 16, 2016 marks Planned Parenthood’s 100th birthday.

WRTL’s parent organization, National Right to Life, has put together an “action packet” to help expose Planned Parenthood’s REAL work: killing unborn babies.

More than 6.7 million lives have been lost in Planned Parenthood facilities. It is imperative that we expose what Planned Parenthood really does, and what they really stand for!

Here’s what you can do throughout the month of October:

1.) Write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper. Find samples here.

2.) Share these social media images below along with the link www.saddestbirthdayever.com. (Find them on WRTL’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!)

3.) Pass out this literature and ask people to sign this petition at community events, on your campus, in your churches, and to your friends.

4.) Share any of these articles online:

Saddest Birthday Ever Podcasts

Abortion, Government Funding Keeping Planned Parenthood Afloat

How Planned Parenthood is Defending and Expanding its Abortion Empire

PPFA, abortion, and “3%”: “The Most Meaningless Abortion Statistic Ever”

Planned Parenthood 2010-2016: Fewer centers, but more abortion clinics, and later abortions

Planned Parenthood and Late Abortions

Abortion Clinic Closings in Texas – What do they really mean?

“Please do not bring children with you,” Planned Parenthood webpage advises

Please pass this “action packet” along to friends, and thank you for all you do to share the truth!

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Fair Booths and Pro-Life Outreach

County fairs are staples of Wisconsin life – the animals, deep fried oreos, carnival rides, and concerts all make us go back year after year.

But have you ever noticed, nestled among the tables of county fair vendors, a table filled with little baby models and smiling people with a “Right to Life” banner behind them?

Wisconsin Right to Life’s county chapters for years have had a positive, pro-life presence at county fairs – educating their neighbors about the humanity of the unborn, the resources in the area for pregnant women, and the ways we all can help protect the most vulnerable in our society.

With the amount of years WRTL chapters have been at county fairs, it’s great to hear some stories from folks who have run into our pro-life booths. Recently, Michele from La Crosse reached out to WRTL to let us know the impact La Crosse Right to Life’s county fair booth had on her daughter, Brinley:

My daughter was born extremely early at 24 weeks 5 days….She had a five-month hospitalization in different NICU’s [after she was born]. She coded 7 times, was vented 2 months and had medical necrotizing enterocolitis twice.

She is now four years old and doing awesome. We took her to the county fair last night and saw the display that Wisconsin Right to Life had. She was so enamored with the tiny babies…I think it really settled into her mind that this was how tiny she was.

Thank you for having this display up so people can see how intricately and wonderfully these babies are made.

Isn’t it great when we get any chance to share the humanity of the unborn child, especially with kids like Brinley? If you’re going to a county fair this weekend, keep an eye out for a Wisconsin Right to Life chapter fair booth. And if you don’t see one, why not get a booth started?

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Our Dodge County Teens Share the Message of Life on Memorial Day

DODGE COUNTY, WISCONSIN — A great group of Teens 4 Life joined the parades in Reeseville and Lowell on Monday morning, reminding us how precious is the life fought and won for us by those who make our military great! We thank those who have served in every branch in every century to build a country we are proud to call home!

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Packer Jordy Nelson becomes Ambassador of Adoptive Families

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN — Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson has been named an Ambassador of Adoptive Families at a Jockey Being Family event.  Jockey International is the Kenosha, Wisconsin-based retailer of underwear, sleepwear & workout clothing for women & men.

Nelson and his wife adopted Brooks 15 months ago.  The two also have another son named Royal. Nelson says “it’s been a great process.”

Also at the event was Nelson’s former teammate Donald Driver.  Driver says Nelson is proof that a family is not just bloodlines.   Wisconsin Right to Life salutes Jordy and his family and Jockey International!

Watch the Nelson’s share their adoption story with Jockey Being Family here.

Watch the TV coverage on WKOW here.

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UNLIMITED Abortions (What Will Happen Without Our Right-to-Life Leaders)


Wisconsin is very fortunate to have a pro-life Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General for the past few years, along with pro-life majorities in both houses of the state legislature.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like if the roles were reversed? If, instead, we had pro-abortion leaders in Madison?

Well, we don’t have to wonder. Several bills were recently introduced by the pro-abortion minority in Madison which give us a clear picture of how quickly abortion would expand if abortion advocates were in power.

What are these bills?

  • Assembly Bill 970 would force pro-life organizations to hire pro-abortion advocates. 
  • Assembly Bill 969 would, based on the mere perception of abortion advocates, potentially criminalize the advertising of pro-life pregnancy resource centers for the services they provide to women.
  • Assembly Bill 880 would not only repeal almost every pro-life law that we have fought so hard for in our state, it would create a phony “right of conscience” for pro-abortion physicians at religiously-affiliated hospitals to perform abortions.
  • Assembly Bill 916 would repeal Wisconsin’s long-standing statute outlawing abortions in our state. When Roe v. Wade is overturned, this statute would immediately make abortion illegal in Wisconsin — something abortion advocates clearly don’t want!

Thanks to our pro-life leaders, it is unlikely these bills will become law.

However, that could very easily change. If we lose our pro-life leadership, bills like these could become the law of the land in Wisconsin.

What can you do to make sure bills like these don’t become law? 

Help us work against pro-abortion legislation and educate the public – Give to our General Fund. 

Abortion advocates are like wolves waiting outside our door. Please help us keep them away! 

Yours In Life,

Chelsea Shields

Legislative Director of Wisconsin Right to Life

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Planned Parenthood of WI Caught Red-Handed

A recent open records request made by the Alliance Defending Freedom revealed that Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin did, in fact, donate fetal tissue to UW-Madison. 

From their report

News of the baby parts exchange between Planned Parenthood and UW first broke on the ADF “Freedom Matters” podcast last Friday. The documents ADF obtained through its state records request include forms and letters from the university and its researchers clearly indicating their arrangement with Planned Parenthood to obtain the baby parts, which were used in medical research that resulted in published studies on fetal hearts and fetal brains in 2014.

According to one of the published studies, UW researchers obtained hearts and brains from babies aborted “between 10 and 18 weeks of gestational age” within five minutes of the procedure. “After the procedure, the heart was grasped with sterilized surgical instruments and carefully isolated from the rest of the thoracic content to be placed in RNAse-free plastic tubes. Fetal brain was also collected in the same fashion.” The documents ADF obtained prove the university obtained the hearts and brains from Planned Parenthood.”

Considering this, the following statements from Planned Parenthood of WI need some serious explanation:

Source: https://t.co/qceXxR52EY

Source: https://t.co/ybO1okpfER

Source: https://t.co/nZ7PlGe57P

Source: https://t.co/WfClStdzoT


Source: https://t.co/jFaCYrxZaG

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin,
we want some answers.
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