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Build Wisconsin for L!fe on #GivingTuesday!

#GivingTuesday may almost be over, but your opportunity to build Wisconsin for life is not!

“You didn’t just save my baby’s life, you saved my life, too!” The words of Kayla (pictured above), one of the many recipients of a lifesaving WRTL Emergency Grant. October, 2018

You can help support the work of the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund through #GivingTuesday until the end of this week.

Your gifts will go far in building a culture of life in our state. They will save babies. They will teach teens the truth about abortion and the life issues. They will equip pro-life students to bring the message of life to colleges and universities which are often bastions of abortion advocacy.

L!fe Summer Camp teens learn about their role in the legislative process from WRTL Executive Director, Heather Weininger, as well as elected officials. August, 2018

Because of the generosity of friends like you, the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund has impacted countless lives throughout Wisconsin. Because of you, we have:

  • Helped dozens of at-risk women choose life for their babies through our Emergency Grant Program;
  • Expanded the number of L!fe on Campus college groups from 13 to 18 in 2018, allowing us to reach even more students with the truth of life;
  • Brought pro-life experts such as apologist Scott Klusendorf to teach teens the life issues as well as the skills of logic, rhetoric, and debate at our L!fe Summer Camp;
  • And more!

Your gifts to the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund will protect the most vulnerable members of our society and make you our partner in Building Wisconsin for Life!

L!fe on Campus College Training Weekend. October, 2018

The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund is a 501(c)3 entity and your gifts are fully tax-deductible.


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Why is 266 So Important Today, #GivingTuesday?

You and I know that every  life is priceless. 

Each and every person has a unique talent to share, love to give as well as receive, and an impact to make on the world.

You and I also know there are some who think that life is disposable. Some deny the humanity of the unborn. Some don’t believe that those living with disabilities or serious illness have worthwhile lives. Many have been deceived into believing that death is an acceptable solution to human problems.

Baby Antoine was saved by a Wisconsin Right to Life Emergency Grant. All the work of Wisconsin Right to Life depends on your generous donations.

Wisconsin Right to Life works to create a society in which every person’s right to life is secure. Our vision is to touch hearts and minds so that all will cherish human life. Our goal is to Build Wisconsin for Life!

Your gifts will help us teach teens and college students the truth about life as well as give them the skills and resources to share these truths with their peers.

Every life deserves to be cherished. Every life is invaluable. That is why the number 266 is so amazing.

It costs Wisconsin Right to Life only $266 to save one precious, priceless life!

$266. That’s only $22.16 a month – less than what many of us spend on coffee each month and less than a family meal at many fast-food restaurants. Your #GivingTuesday gifts will help the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund save lives throughout Wisconsin with Emergency Grants. It will help us save lives by teaching teens and college students the truth about life to counter the misinformation they receive daily from abortion advocates.

Every gift will help. As you think about your donations today, though, please consider a gift to Wisconsin Right to Life of $266, or only $22.16 a month, to save one, precious life. Your generosity will help Build Wisconsin for Life in 2019. It will help make the deadly practices of abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide unacceptable solutions to human problems.

Your gifts to Wisconsin Right to Life will save lives — Thank you for your generosity as we Build Wisconsin for Life! 

The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund is a 501(c)3 entity and your gifts are fully tax-deductible.


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Meet Kayla and Her Baby — Two Lives Saved Because of You


It was 2017. Kayla was pregnant. Without a job and without money, she had no idea how she would care for her unborn child. Kayla had nowhere to live, no access to medical care, and no hope.

All she wanted was a safe home for her baby, but it seemed impossible.

One of Kayla’s friends directed her to a pregnancy resource center. Not only did Kayla receive the medical care she needed, she learned about the Wisconsin Right to Life Emergency Grant program.

Because of the generosity of friends like you, Wisconsin Right to Life’s Emergency Grant program was able to pay the security deposit on a safe, warm place for Kayla and her baby boy to live.

Kayla told us:

Kayla and her baby boy were saved through your generosity and a Wisconsin Right to Life Emergency Grant.

“Wisconsin Right to Life didn’t just save my baby’s life, you saved my life, too. I don’t have the words to thank you. You protect unborn babies. You protect their moms. You protect  newborns. You protect children. You protect life!

Kayla is only one of the dozens of women who have been able to choose life for their unborn children because of a Wisconsin Right to Life Emergency Grant.

Your generous donations are the only way we are able to award these lifesaving grants.

We know that over 70% of women who have abortions feel coerced or pressured by outside circumstances to end their child’s life. Many times, it is immediate financial crisis which leads women to think that abortion is their only option.

Many times, it is only a couple of hundred dollars that determines whether a baby lives or dies.

The Wisconsin Right to Life Emergency Grant program exists to alleviate these financial crises. We work with pregnancy resource centers to provide payment directly to property managers, utility companies, and other creditors so women can choose life.

Every Emergency Grant awarded represents a life saved and a mother spared a lifetime of regret!

Your generosity on #GivingTuesday will help fund Wisconsin Right to Life’s Emergency Grant program in 2019. 

Please give generously so we never have to say, “No” to a woman considering abortion because of a financial crisis.

#Giving Tuesday 2018 will take place on Tuesday, November 27th. This is your opportunity to help Wisconsin Right to Life Build Wisconsin for Life in 2019!

#GivingTuesday is a day set aside to help non-profit organizations as they plan for the coming year. It was created to offset the shopping heydays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a way for all of us to focus on helping others.

The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund relies heavily on #GivingTuesday to fund our many programs, including Emergency Grants. You don’t have to wait until #GivingTuesday to give, though! We are accepting #GivingTuesday gifts throughout the month of November.

Wisconsin Right to Life receives Emergency Grant requests on a regular basis. We are relying on your generosity to never have to say, “No” to a woman in need!

Thank you for supporting the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund and Emergency Grants on #GivingTuesday!


The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund is a 501(c)3 entity and your gifts are fully tax-deductible.


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Can Pro-Life College Students Have a Voice?

November 27th is coming and, along with it, your opportunity to help WRTL Build Wisconsin for Life in 2019!

#GivingTuesday is a day set aside for you to give to your favorite non-profit organizations. It was created to offset the shopping heydays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund relies heavily on #GivingTuesday to fund our many programs. Our L!fe on Campus college groups benefit tremendously from #GivingTuesday!

L!fe on Campus 

L!fe on Campus students from UW-Whitewater at a campus tabling event.

It’s no secret that our college campuses are strongholds for pro-abortion activism. Knowing there was a need for the pro-life message to be heard at colleges and universities, Wisconsin Right to Life established pro-life groups on college campuses around Wisconsin years before any other group. Now appropriately called L!fe on Campus, these groups are bringing the truth about life to colleges and universities throughout our state and giving pro-life students a voice.

Because of your generosity during 2018, L!fe on Campus groups have been able to:

  • Direct students with unplanned pregnancies to local pregnancy resource centers;
  • Offer pro-life education on campus through “tabling” events;
  • Raise awareness with displays like Cemetery of the Innocents;
  • Educate through fun events such as Pro-Life Cupcake Day;
  • Bring pro-life speakers to campus;
  • Hold events such as Pro-Life Solidarity Days;
  • Offer camaraderie and support to pro-life students who often feel alone.

Pro-life displays like this Cemetery of the Innocents on Bascom Hill at UW-Madison are one of the many ways L!fe on Campus students raise awareness about abortion.

Marquette L!fe on Campus member, Justus, said, “L!fe on Campus is great because it provides community to what is the minority on campuses – pro-lifers.”

In order to ensure that L!fe on Campus students are equipped to be pro-life leaders at their colleges and universities, the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund holds a college training weekend each fall. This is an event our L!fe on Campus students love!

L!fe on Campus students (as well as some members of the WRTL staff) at the 2018 L!fe on Campus College Training.



Julio from UW Madison’s L!fe on Campus group said: “The college training is incredibly helpful. We’ve learned lots of useful things like how to communicate about this issue in a compassionate way. The support we receive from Wisconsin Right to Life helps us to be more effective.”

Your gifts are making a difference at colleges and universities across Wisconsin and are giving pro-life students a voice!

And there’s great news: Because of your generosity to L!fe on Campus and the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund, the number of L!fe on Campus groups expanded from 13 to 18 groups during 2018!

Your gifts to Wisconsin Right to Life on #GivingTuesday will help us support all of our Education programs, including all of our L!fe on Campus groups. And you don’t have to wait until #GivingTuesday, either. You can give today!

Thanks so much for your support of the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund through #GivingTuesday!

The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund is a 501(c)3 entity and your gifts are fully tax-deductible.



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The Facts of L!fe Camp — How YOU Can Help Teach Teens the Truth on #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday, November 27, is quickly approaching! This is a day to focus on helping others after the shopping extravaganza days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesday serves as a reminder to all of us that non-profits depend on the generosity of others to survive.

Wisconsin Right to Life relies heavily on #GivingTuesday to fund our educational programs. One program that benefits from #GivingTuesday is our L!fe Camp summer teen camp.

L!fe Camp 

In order to Keep Building Wisconsin for Life, the pro-life movement needs leaders for the future. With this in mind, Wisconsin Right to Life’s Joleigh Bass created what is now L!fe Camp, a five-day summer camp that teaches teens the sometimes-forgotten skills of logic, rhetoric and debate from prominent pro-life leaders, all through the lens of the life issues.

So are kids enjoying camp? The answer is a resounding YES!

Campers loved the session with “Zeke Unity” (author and apologist Scott Klusendorf) where they learned how to effectively defend the right to life. August, 2018

“I LOVE camp!” said Michaela of La Crosse, “From the instructors to the other campers, everyone there was amazing. It was so inspiring to be around other people who share my pro-life views.”

At L!fe Camp 2018, campers learned how to effectively communicate their pro-life beliefs from Scott Klusendorf, president of the Life Training Institute and author of the books, Stand for Life  and The Case for Life. Rose of Fredonia said, “The Scott Klusendorf sessions were amazing! There was so much important information, and it was great to learn how to defend life.”

In addition to learning about the life issues, campers enjoy such activities as boating, navigating a high ropes course, zip lining, campfires, crafts, plus other traditional camp activities. Best of all, they make lifelong friends. Camper Maggie, also of Fredonia, explained, “I loved the craft center. On Wednesday night, we had a camp-wide scavenger hunt and escape room. It was so much fun!” She added, “I met so many fun people at camp. It was great to get to know other teens I can work with to spread the truth about life to my friends.”

L!fe Camp campers spent a day at the capitol in Madison learning about their role in the legislative process. August, 2018

Campers also spend a day in Madison at the capitol. There, they learn the importance of pro-life laws and their part in the legislative process. They also learn about lobbying and meet with legislators and their staff to discuss the life issues.

“There was such a positive energy at camp. Everyone was so friendly and it was great to learn about the life issues that a lot of people just don’t talk about,” said Eve of Onalaska. “Camp is also very eye-opening. I realize now what big issues abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide are. They affect all of us!”

Join Us in 2019! 

Campers leave for a boat ride on Green Lake. August, 2018

L!fe Camp 2019 will take place August 5-9 at the Green Lake Conference Center. Dave Sterrett, founder of the ministry “Disruptive Truth” as well as author of I Am Second: Real Stories, Changing Lives, Aborting Aristotle, and We Choose Life: Authentic Stories, Movements of Hope will join the team at L!fe Camp. He will be teaching on such topics as what it means to be human, natural law, and avoiding bias fallacies when discussing the life issues. More information can be found at LifeSummerCamp.com.

New speakers and sessions are being added, so be sure to check LifeSummerCamp.com often!

Help L!fe Camp Build Wisconsin for Life 

L!fe Camp is not only making a difference in the lives of teens, it’s making a difference in our culture.

“At L!fe Camp, I was really inspired by the progress the pro-life movement has made. Here in Wisconsin, we’ve saved over 174,000 lives – that’s incredible!” said Michaela. She added, “Camp has definitely inspired me to keep working and keep making changes.”

Gifts to Wisconsin Right to Life’s #GivingTuesday campaign will help fund all of our education programs, including L!feCamp. You don’t have to wait until #GivingTuesday, either. You can give today! And don’t forget: your gifts to the WRTL Education Fund are fully tax-deductible.

Thank you for helping Wisconsin teens learn the truth about life!

The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund is a 501(c)3 entity and your gifts are fully tax-deductible.

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What’s So Special About November 27?

It’s hard to believe that November is here and the holidays are bearing down on us like a freight train. While this time of year is filled with excitement about Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas cookies, twinkling lights, and shimmering trees, for most of us, the biggest joy of the holiday season is giving of ourselves to those we love.

That joy of giving is what inspired #GivingTuesday. What is this? #GivingTuesday takes place the Tuesday after the major shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is an opportunity to give to the non-profits of your choice who rely on the generosity of friends like you to survive. This year #GivingTuesday will take place on November 27.   

In order to continue Building Wisconsin for life, Wisconsin Right to Life depends on #GivingTuesday. The monies raised on #GivingTuesday will help us continue providing Emergency Grants so at-risk women can choose life, equipping our L!fe on Campus college students to be voices for life in the hostile grounds of university campuses, and training the pro-life leaders of tomorrow through our L!fe Camp for teens – the standard-bearer for other such teen programs across America.

Watch your inbox in the coming days to meet the people who will benefit from your #GivingTuesday gifts. You’ll meet L!fe Camp campers, L!fe on Campus members, and learn how women are choosing life because of our Emergency Grant program.

You don’t have to wait for #GivingTuesday to make a gift! Donations for #GivingTuesday are being accepted throughout the month of November. As always, your gifts to the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund are fully tax-deductible.

Thank you for your generosity. Because of you, we will keep Building Wisconsin for Life! 

The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund is a 501(c)3 entity and your gifts are fully tax-deductible.



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Follow the Money: The Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health Campaign

Almost every time abortion advocates speak, their words seek to deceive. From distorting the truth to outright lies, they will say almost anything to protect their lucrative abortion business.

This fact was made crystal clear yet again in early June when the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health began a “five-figure” (according to their press release) ad campaign to promote abortion as “safe, quality care.”

The basis of their campaign is a March 16, 2018, report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) entitled, The Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in the United States. The overall theme of the report is that abortion is safe for women and that Wisconsin’s protective, pro-life laws are making it dangerous. This supposedly “non-partisan” report is riddled with misinformation that the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health is promoting with abandon. 

The NASEM study is hardly non-partisan. A cursory perusal of their news releases on “reproductive health” reveals that they never shy away from promoting abortion. The “non-partisan” claim is even more laughable due to the fact that the March report was funded in part by the Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation.

The Buffett foundation was established by billionaire abortion advocate Warren Buffett in the 1960’s. Buffett renamed it the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation for his wife after her death in 2004. It is common knowledge the primary goal of the foundation is to protect legal abortion through a series of secretive grants. Inside Philanthropy said of the Susan Thompson Buffett foundation, “The place is a case study in non-transparency, and it’s super hard to even figure out who’s doing the grantmaking…While you can understand why a foundation that is deeply enmeshed in protecting abortion rights might want to keep a low profile, this seems excessive.”[1]

A “non-partisan” study funded by a secretive, pro-abortion foundation doesn’t pass the straight-face test. As a result, it’s no surprise that NASEM’s March study was designed to scapegoat pro-life laws. It’s also no surprise that the claims made in the NASEM report were deceiving, at best.

First, the NASEM report states that, “requirements, such as multiple visits and waiting periods, delay abortion services, and by doing so may increase the clinical risks and cost of care. They may also limit women’s options for care and impact providers’ ability to provide patient-centered care.” The Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health adds that waiting periods combined with the requirement that women receive “biased information” about their unborn baby’s development adversely affect women’s health.

Anyone who has spent any time in the pro-life movement has heard countless post-abortive women say that, had they known the truth about their unborn baby, they never would have chosen abortion. Many women also say they were never told the truth about their babies at abortion clinics. Instead, their unborn children with fingers, toes, and a beating heart were referred to as the “uterine contents” or “products of conception”.

In the mid-1990s Wisconsin Right to Life put its support behind the Woman’s Right to Know Act which became law in 1996. This law requires women to learn the truth about the development of their unborn child and have a 24-hour reflection period before undergoing an abortion. Wisconsin Act 37, also known as “Sonya’s Law” was supported by Wisconsin Right to Life and enacted in 2013. This law requires that women undergo an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion, as well.

According to the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health, ultrasounds and facts on fetal development are “biased information”. Of course, the real reason that abortion advocates hate these laws is that they cut into their massive profits. According to Live Action, Planned Parenthood stands to lose $12,660,511 each year because of mandatory waiting periods.[2] Similarly, informing women about the truth of their unborn child’s humanity steers women away from abortion as well as money away from the coffers of the abortion industry.

Second, the NASEM study claims laws promoted by Wisconsin Right to Life that require a physician to perform an abortion are lowering the standard of abortion care in Wisconsin.

The “Physician-Only Requirement” was one of the first protective, pro-life laws supported by Wisconsin Right to Life. Signed into law in 1985, this law prohibits non-physicians such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurse-midwives from performing abortions.

Again, because they only care about profits rather than women’s health, abortion advocates strongly oppose these laws. Per usual, abortion advocates have trotted out flawed studies “proving” it is “safe” for non-physicians to perform abortions. One such study was conducted by Tracy Weitz and was released in 2013. It is entitled, Safety of Aspiration Abortion Performed by Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Physician Assistants Under a California Legal Waiver. Weitz’s study provided support for California Assembly Bill 154 which legalized abortions performed by non-physicians in the state.

Weitz’s study immediately came under the scrutiny of pro-life physicians. Dr. Mary Davenport, an obstetrician/gynecologist practicing in San Francisco, claimed that Weitz had a predetermined conclusion to the study before she ever began her research, saying, ” [Weitz is] a brilliant woman. She had a firm ideology about abortion access, and then she did a study that was instrumental in getting this law (California Assembly Bill 154) passed in the legislature.”

After analyzing the sampling and data methods used in the Weitz study, Davenport and her colleagues determined that they provided an artificially low number of reported complications. Davenport said, “If they’re not seeing [a complication], they’re just not finding it. They don’t want to find it.”[3]

A cursory review of the procedures performed by nurse midwives, physicians’ assistants, and other paramedical professionals shows that they are not trained to perform complex surgery.  The thought of a midwife performing a hysterectomy or a physician assistant removing an appendix is inconceivable. Why should abortion be any different?

There is another reason abortion advocates desperately want non-physicians to perform abortions: legitimate doctors don’t want to do them. A 2011 study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology found that only 14% of Obstetrician/Gynecologists were willing to perform abortions.[4]

Another “finding” of the NASEM study related to their support of non-physicians performing abortions is that the prohibition of “Telemedicine Abortions,” or webcam abortions, in Wisconsin is hurting women.

Wisconsin Right to Life supported The Coercive and Webcam Abortion Prevention Act which was signed into law in 2012.  This law prohibits webcam abortions which are occurring in Iowa and Minnesota from being introduced into local communities in Wisconsin. It requires a physical exam and in-person administration of dangerous chemical abortion-inducing drugs like RU-486.

There is good reason for physicians to be involved in chemical abortions. The Australian reported the following regarding a 2011 study in Australia:

The “audit” of nearly 7000 abortions performed in South Australia in 2009 and last year found that 3.3 per cent of women who used mifepristone in the first trimester of pregnancy – when  most elective terminations occur – later turned up at hospital emergency departments, against 2.2 per cent who had undergone surgery…and the rate of hospital admission jumped to 5.7 per cent for recipients of early “medical” abortions – using drugs – compared with 0.4 per cent for surgical patients re-admitted for post-operative treatment.[5]

These are only a few of the spurious claims made in the NASEM study on which the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health is basing their new ad campaign. While every one of their complaints is easily dismissed, there is one reason the Alliance is targeting Wisconsin’s pro-life laws: they are saving lives and hurting the profits of Wisconsin’s abortion industry.

The numbers are clear: Because of the pro-life laws supported by Wisconsin Right to Life, our abortion rate in Wisconsin has dropped over 70% from an all-time high in 1980. Our laws have helped save 170,401 lives since 1987, when records were first kept. All of this translates to millions of dollars lost to the abortion industry in Wisconsin.

There is something else very insidious about the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health campaign: the audience they are targeting. According to the press release on the campaign, these ads are being run where their pro-abortion allies and lawmakers will see them:  The WisPolitics Midday podcast, plus digital ads on WisPolitics, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and CapTimes news sites. Their goal? Eradicating Wisconsin’s pro-life laws and increasing their profits from the deaths of babies and the heartache of their mothers.

For 50 years, Wisconsin Right to Life has been working to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.  In addition to protective legislation, we have numerous ways that we are working to save lives as well as change hearts and minds.

Our Veritas Society uses television, digital media, and the internet to tell abortion-vulnerable young people the truth about abortion. Our Emergency Grant program provides financial resources to abortion-vulnerable women so they can choose life. Our Teens for Life, Life on Campus, and Life Camp programs teach young people the truth about life and enable them to share this truth with their peers.

The bottom line of the abortion industry is always money, and the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health campaign is further proof of this. With your help, Wisconsin Right to Life will continue protecting lives and telling the truth until every vulnerable life is safe and valued.


[1]David Callahan “Who’s Who at the Secretive Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation?” Inside Philanthropy.

[2] Calvin Freiburger “Contrary to Pro-Abortion Study, Mandatory Waiting Periods Save Lives”,  www.LiveAction.org March 28, 2016.

[3] Shannon Firth “Do Nurses, Midwives, and PAs Fill Gap as Abortion Providers — When Physician is Removed, Does Risk Increase?” MedPage Today, March 3, 2015.

[4] “Proportion of Ob-Gyns Performing Abortions May Be Lower Than Thought”  www.npr.org, August 22, 2011.

[5] Jamie Walker “Abortion Pill Less Safe than Surgery” The Australian, May 7, 2011.

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Bad News for Milwaukee’s Most Vulnerable

The terrible news broke Friday afternoon: Planned Parenthood will open a new, $8 million, state-of-the-art abortion facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Tuesday, October 10th. Adding to this shocking news is the fact that the abortion giant is paying for the new killing center entirely with private donations 

The new facility will be located in Milwaukee’s trendy Third Ward, home to some of the city’s most expensive real estate. In addition, the 12,000-square-foot clinic will feature an expanded waiting room, more exam and consultation rooms than their existing Milwaukee facility, as well as areas for women and children. Children can relax and play in comfort while a little brother, sister, cousin, or friend loses their life only a few feet away. 

Yet again, this leaves us with just one question: Why does Planned Parenthood need taxpayer money?  

The fact that Planned Parenthood continues to insist that they need taxpayer funding while building an $8 million facility with private funds is beyond the pale. It is shocking that they blame Wisconsin’s protective, pro-life laws for the closure of rural clinics while, at the same time, they build an upscale clinic in Milwaukee’s hot spot: The Third Ward. 

Planned Parenthood’s true colors have been exposed once again: They don’t care about women. They care about money. Planned Parenthood always follows the money — whether it be from taxpayer’s wallets, gullible donors, or exploiting women at the expense of their children’s lives. 

Within the last six years, Wisconsin Right to Life supported legislation signed into law that directed a cumulative $8 million away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. The fact that money continues to flow through their doors is proof-positive they have no need for taxpayer dollars. 

Here in Wisconsin, the number of abortions has been dropping steadily for years. In fact, it has dropped 15% in the last three years alone, to an all-time low of 5,612 abortions in 2016. Of course, that is 5,612 abortions too many, but the steady decline has shown that our strategy of combining a strong legislative agenda along with our powerful Veritas media campaign targeting abortion-vulnerable women is working. 

Despite our success, Planned Parenthood continues to be Enemy #1 to women and children everywhere.  We will continue to urge legislators to completely defund the abortion giant. We will continue to fight for laws that protect unborn children and their mothers. We will continue to educate society regarding the truth about the abortion industry so hearts and minds are changed to favor life. We will not stop until every vulnerable member of our society is protected.  

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Be a Hero. Save a Life.

November is here, and we have a great deal to be thankful for here at Wisconsin Right to Life. We are thankful for you, our generous donors, our tireless volunteers, our pro-life elected officials. And, Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is quickly approaching and, with it, the opportunity to give the greatest gift of all – life – to the most vulnerable members of our society.

What is Giving Tuesday? It’s the Tuesday following the shopping heydays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday when you can give a gift that will make the world a better place. YOU can make the world a better place this Giving Tuesday by helping save the lives of our society’s most vulnerable members: the unborn, the critically ill, people living with disabilities, and the elderly. You don’t have to wait until Giving Tuesday to start saving lives – you can begin right now!

When you support the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund this Giving Tuesday you will:

  • Save lives by enabling us to produce cutting-edge educational materials that promote life;
  • Save lives by helping us build local chapters which promote life in communities across Wisconsin;
  • Save lives by supporting our Emergency Grant program which provides women facing severe financial crisis the resources they need to choose life;
  • Save lives by providing funds for L!fe on Campus grants — grants which allow pro-life students on campuses across Wisconsin to build a culture of life at their colleges and universities;
  • Save lives by teaching Wisconsin teens the truth about the abortion industry and the life issues at our L!fe Camp summer camp as well as Teens for Life chapters across the state;
  • And much, much more!

There is another very good reason to save lives by partnering with Wisconsin Right to Life this Giving Tuesday. Abortion advocates are making hay from Donald Trump’s election. They are urging their supporters to give generously to Planned Parenthood as a protest. No matter how you feel about Trump, we can all agree that Planned Parenthood doesn’t need more money! We need your help to fight what will surely be a pro-abortion onslaught after the new year.

How do you celebrate Giving Tuesday by giving the gift of life right now? There are two ways:

Set up a fundraising page to share on social media and through e-mail:

  1. Visit Wisconsin Right to Life’s Giving Tuesday page;
  2. Click on the green button that says, “Fundraise”;
  3. Fill out the easy form – here are a few tips:
    1. How much should you raise? $266 is a good number. That’s the amount it costs WRTL to save one life;
    2. What to call your fundraiser? Something that lets people know what you’re doing, like “Help Jane Save a Life!” or “Help Tom Be a Hero!”
    3. Be sure to include a few words about why people should help you save a life;
    4. Upload a photo of yourself so your friends know this is a legitimate fundraiser;
  4. Once your form is complete, use the icons at the bottom of the page to share your gift page on your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as via e-mail;
  5. Re-share your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail at least once a week between now and November 29th to be sure everyone sees your fundraiser! Sometimes people need to see it more than once before they give;
  6. When donations are made to your gift page you will receive a notification, the donor will receive an acknowledgement e-mail, and Wisconsin Right to Life will receive vital funds to help pregnant mothers choose life, educate teens and college students, and enable us to continue building a culture that embraces life here in Wisconsin.

Give the Gift of Life on Behalf of that hard-to-buy-for relative, friend or co-worker, or just give a gift:

  1. Visit Wisconsin Right to Life’s Giving Tuesday page;
  2. Click on the green button that says, “Donate Now”;
  3. Fill out the donation form;
  4. At the bottom of the page, fill in the name of the person you’re giving on behalf of in the “On Behalf Of” box;
  5. On Christmas, surprise those you’ve given on behalf of!
  6. Don’t stop with just one gift; you can visit our Giving Tuesday page as many times as you’d like.
  7. Not giving on behalf of anyone? Just leave the box blank.

That’s it!

Questions? Please feel free to contact me, Amy Gehrke, at (414) 308-1051 or agehrke@wrtl.org.

The unborn and other vulnerable members of our society desperately need our help. Won’t you be their hero?

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Giving Tuesday is Coming December 1st


Wisconsin Right to Life is Proud to be Part of Giving Tuesday!

What is Giving Tuesday?  It was begun a few years ago as an antidote, of sorts, to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving — this year on Tuesday, December 1st. Giving Tuesday is a movement fueled by social media that celebrates the generous spirit that is especially present in our pro-life friends.

The most exciting thing about partnering with Wisconsin Right to Life on Giving Tuesday is that YOU can save the life of an unborn child.  How? 

Visit our exclusive Giving Tuesday web site at www.wrtl.org/Save1Life to find out!

Please watch your in-box, Facebook and Twitter for more information on this exciting day of generosity. You don’t follow Wisconsin Right to Life on Facebook or Twitter? Now is the time to start!  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to SAVE1LIFE!

To find out more, learn how you can help us promote Giving Tuesday, or to make a donation now, please visit www.wrtl.org/Save1Life!

Please support the work of the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund and help make our Giving Tuesday campaign a success!

The Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
Contributions to the Education Fund are fully tax deductible.

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